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"Doreen Rao is a brilliant artist and teacher...whose methods and materials could re-energize the art of singing in our schools
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Mississauga Festival Youth Choir


Dr. Rao was named a Woman of Influence by Business First Journal in 2010

This honor is bestowed by Business First Journal annually, and, in 2010, was given to 29 women who made contributions to the community in 10 categories. "The awards recognize the business acumen and community spirit of these women", Business First Publisher Jack Connors said. “The panel chose these women based on their ability to rise above a very talented pool of competitors,” Connors said. “We’re honored to recognize their accomplishments. Dr. Rao was honored in the category of "Inspiration" which honors women leaders who, through their words, actions and attitude, inspire those who work with and around them."

from A Vision for Choral Music Education: The Imagination and Influence of Master Teacher and Conductor Doreen Rao by Eileen M. Hower, The Pennsylvania State University, 2007 (quote from Sandra Snow, Michigan State University)

Doreen Rao has changed the landscape in conducting and music education in North America. It is difficult, if not impossible, to parcel out the impact she has had on a generation of conductor/teachers, on her seminal work that fostered the children's choir movement in the United States, and the continuing shaping of choral repertoire through her substantial publishing activities with Boosey & Hawkes.

From the Illinois Chapter of the American Choral Director's Association

The 2007 Harold A. Decker Award in recognition and appreciation of the significant contributions made to the lives of innumerable choral singers, educators and audiences.

from Robert Shaw, a written tribute at the ACDA National Conference

"The world of choral music owes her special thanks. She is preparing our future."

from Bronwyn Drainie, The Globe and Mail
"Singing Teacher's approach turns a chorus of woes into wows"

"Doreen Rao is a brilliant artist and teacher... whose methods and materials could re-energize the art of singing in our schools."

from Nick Page, American singer, song leader and composer

"Doreen Rao has truly changed the face of choral music in the last thirty years."

Book Review on Doreen Rao's Circle of Sound Voice Education
American Music Teacher, November 2005

"This book is a must read for all choral conductors. I would recommend the book highly to all voice teachers as well, simply because of the philosophy and world-view presented about singing and sound, as part of life and as tools for spiritual growth. The ideas are important and leave the reader wanting more."

from Roberto De Clara, Music Director and Conductor, Oakville Symphony Orchestra, regarding the 2005 International Bach Festival at the University of Toronto

Addressing Dr. Rao: "Under your leadership and expertise, you have created a thoroughly wonderful artistic experience on so many levels. In a musical world that is becoming increasingly superficial, it was so refreshing to see the music (and its historical implications) be first and foremost in everyone's minds and actions. The dedication and outpouring of love for these choral masterpieces on the part of scholars and performers alike, made it a truly memorable day for me."

from Jean Ashworth Bartle, Founder & Artistic Director of the Toronto Children's Chorus, regarding the 2005 International Bach Festival

"...An experience of a lifetime for me - and one I'll always treasure. this spectacular event - for the amateur and the professional - for the child and the adult - for the experienced conductors and conductors of the future. It had everything one could possibly hope for."

from Esther Yoo, Master Class Conductor & U of T alum,
2005 International Bach Festival with Helmuth Rilling at the University of Toronto

"Congratulations! ...You have really started something - and it is all very exciting and promising. I have loved being part of the music-making experience. I was inspired not only by Rilling but by those musicians around me. I love the learning, the re-thinking, the problem-solving of the music, the technique of communication and the performances. All of it!"

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