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Where audiences are taken inside the musical experience from the “performers’ perspective.”

Doreen Rao

Participation Programs for Orchestra, Choir and Audiences

Frequently Asked Questions

Who conducts the concerts?

Doreen Rao conducts all Sing With the Symphony programs which are interactive and teaching-oriented.  

Who produces the concerts?

Sing With the Symphony concerts are the production responsibility of the orchestra.

Doreen Rao is available for consultation and suggestions as required. She is a guest conductor, engaged by the orchestra to create, conduct and teach the SWS concert event.

Dr. Rao would:

  • consult with orchestra management regarding programming and scores/parts;
  • consult with orchestra management regarding selection of a local choir, as needed;
  • provide required content for the concert program or supertitles.

Who contracts the chorus?

The orchestra is responsible for contracting the chorus.

School choruses and community choruses sometimes require an honorarium to cover expenses. A professional chorus would require a performance fee.

Is there an optimal size for the chorus? Minimum size?

Thirty to forty is the recommended minimum number of singers. The maximum number of singers is approximately 120, or as limited by the venue/performance space.

If it is a school or family concert, is it preferable to have a youth chorus?

Yes, children (or youth) teaching other children (or youth) is powerful. SWS concerts can also be done by adult community choruses. Competence is critical.

How many rehearsals are needed with Dr. Rao and the chorus and with Dr. Rao and the orchestra?

Doreen Rao works directly with the local chorus director to ensure a performance standard of preparation. She would most likely arrange to conduct one or two chorus-only rehearsals before the week of the concert.

Dr. Rao usually rehearses with the orchestra for an hour, then with the orchestra and chorus together for an hour. It is possible to schedule this rehearsal on the day of the concert.

Who provides the orchestra and choral music?

The orchestra generally provides scores and parts for SWS concerts. Dr. Rao sends marked scores indicating any cuts or interpretive preferences.

Choruses usually purchase their own choral scores as needed, or Dr. Rao provides a copy of the material for chorus to duplicate for singers when material is an excerpted melody or specialized segment.

How is the sing-along handled with audience? Are there sheets passed out, printed in the program, supertitles?

Audience material can be handled as program copy, inserts, or supertitles, as desired. The program can also be done without any audience materials.